Signs That You Should Not Quit Your Job

Not Quit Your Job

It’s hard to find someone who is happy with their job, salary, boss, colleagues, office aircon setting or the quality of coffee in the cafeteria. Given that it’s not possible that you’ll be happy with all the variables that contribute … Read More

How To Plug Skill Gap In A Digital World

Digital World

Enterprises will need a clear vision of what skills are required based on customer demands, business goals, objectives and innovations planned

In the past few quarters, we’ve seen all kinds of facts and figures around job losses and how digital … Read More

5 Common Career Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Career Mistakes

As a headhunter helping countless professionals, from CEO to analyst levels, make and negotiate their next position, here are the most common career mistakes I’ve seen candidates fall victim to:

1. Aiming too low

Whether it’s salary, title, or type … Read More

#5 Things That Employers Look For During Placements

During Placements

Organizations would recruit individuals for the new business opportunities and/or upgrading their existing workforce. The thumb rule of the recruiter is simple – go in for a candidate whose “Return on Investment” shall be the best for the organization. This … Read More