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Let That Punjabi Suit Do The Talking This Lohri

With the Lohri festival approaching, it’s time for all you ladies out there to begin your fashion fiesta. Don’t let the chilling weather take away the enthusiasm of the festival. Whether it is an Anarkali or a straight-fit kurta, go out there and have fun. Designers Prarena Grover and Ritu Yadav, list ideas to jazz […]

30 Minutes Of Sauna Bath May Reduce Hypertension

Suffering from hypertension? Taking a sauna bath of 30 minutes may help reduce blood pressure levels, according to a study. The study showed that immediately after 30 minutes of sauna bathing, participants’ mean systolic blood pressure (the top number) reduced from 137 mmHg to 130 mmHg, and their diastolic (the bottom number) blood pressure from […]

Goodness Of Coconut For Skin Care, Diet

Coconut is an all-rounder not just for your diet, but also for your skin. The ingredient can enhance the sweetness of your desserts and also make for a good moisturiser, toner and make-up remover, suggest experts. Purba Kalita, co-founder at, and Sonia Mathur, Head and Trainer at Divine Organics, have listed ways on how […]

Tips On Party Looks, Make-Up Removal

After putting on oodles of make-up products like matte primer, concealer, foundation, blush-on and mascara for a party or outing, use jojoba oil to wipe off the layers. Amit Sarda, Managing Director and Kalpana Sharma, make-up artist have shared tips: * Make-up tips Prepare your skin with cleansing, toning and moisturizing, and the use a […]

How To Prep Your Skin For Winter

Ever wondered why your skin looks dry and flaky while stars like Deepika Padukone have flawless skin even while shooting in cold climes? There is something to be said for prepping your skin to take on seasonal changes and we tell you how: Why dry skin: “When the air outside is cold and dry, the […]

Everyone Skips This Skin Care Step—But If You Use Face Oils, It’s Essential

In the world of skin care, there are many, many strategies for finding the “right” ritual. Korean beauty calls for a 10-step regimen. Clinique can be credited with the three-part system many of us have tried: cleanse, tone, moisturize. Some people love double cleansing, while others skip morning cleansing altogether. Using a toner falls squarely […]

Good Hair Day: How Braiding Your Hair Before Bed Can Get You Your Healthiest Hair Yet

Remembering to remove your makeup before bed is one thing, but caring for your hair at night is something completely different. While it may seem time-consuming and unnecessary, paying close attention to your hair before hitting the hay can mean the difference between dry, brittle strands, and luscious, healthy-looking hair. One of our favorite ways […]

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

One may be young and beautiful but of late, that unsightly pigmentation below the eyes is stealing their sparkle making the person look dull and tired. However, it might be comforting to know that there is nothing to fret as this is a problem shared by many. Dark circles are the bane of life for […]