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Mobile Apps Improve Mental Health: Study

The researchers surveyed 600 people who had used diet, physical activity or mental health apps in the past six months. Individuals suffering from mental health problems can strengthen their psychological well-being through mobile apps, a new study says. The study, published in the journal JMIR Mental Health, stated that people who struggle with mental and […]

Google Firebase Launches Document Database For Apps

The Google Firebase team is launching the public beta of Cloud Firestore today. Cloud Firestore is a NoSQL document database solution for mobile and web app development built in collaboration with the Google Cloud Platform team. SDKs for Cloud Firestore are available for iOS, Android and web development, allowing developers to integrate a powerful querying […]

#8 Ways To Make Your Mobile App Successful

What’s the one thing on the mind of all app developers and marketers? With millions of apps hankering for a slice of user attention, the question is HOW TO GET NOTICED? Users look for apps to fulfill their everyday needs through app store search and would download and install only those apps that fit their […]

Google Launches A New Certification Program For Mobile Web Developers

Google today launched a new certification program for mobile web developers. As the name implies, the Mobile Web Specialist Certification is meant to help developers show off their mobile web development skills, no matter how they learned them. The program joins Google’s existing certification programs for Android developers, cloud architects and data engineers. Taking the […]