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Certqueen Cisco ICND1 V3.0 100-105 dumps are in line with the latest Certqueen Exam Objectives and Exam Scenarios. The Turf of IT is being diverse time of day by working day & a collection of suppliers are advertising new and advanced on-line diplomas which permit a man to boost his efficiency in business and it also opens up myriads of possibilities. Certqueen Cisco ICND1 V3.0 100-105 dumps is the best toll to prepare for your 100-105 Certification Exam.

Share some CCENT 100-105 exam questions and answers below.

Host A is sending a packet to Host B for the first time.
What destination MAC address will Host A use in the ARP request?
C. 00-17-94-61-18-b0
D. 00-19-d3-2d-c3-b2
E. ff-ff-ff-ff-ff-ff
Answer: E

Host B sends a frame to Host C.
What will the switch do with the frame?
A. Drop the frame
B. Send the frame out all ports except port 0/2
C. Return the frame to Host B
D. Send an ARP request for Host C
E. Send an ICMP Host Unreachable message to Host B
F. Record the destination MAC address in the switching table and send the frame directly to Host C
Answer: B

How does TCP differ from UDP? (Choose two.)
A. TCP provides best effort delivery.
B. TCP provides synchronized communication.
C. TCP segments are essentially datagrams.
D. TCP provides sequence numbering of packets.
E. TCP uses broadcast delivery.
Answer: B, D

Which OSI layer header contains the address of a destination host that is on another network?
A. application
B. session
C. transport
D. network
E. data link
F. physical
Answer: D

The output is from a router in a large enterprise. From the output, determine the role of the router.
A. A Core router.
B. The HQ Internet gateway router.
C. The WAN router at the central site.
D. Remote stub router at a remote site.
Answer: D

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