DIY Lampshade – Ombre Style!

DIY Lampshade

This DIY lampshade is so easy to make and is a gorgeous statement piece in any room!

Hey friends! If you have been around for a while, you know that we separated our twin girls’ rooms a few months ago. That meant creating 2 new bedrooms for 2 very different girls. My sweet Avery loves, loves, loves purple and aqua, so we created her room around that color palette. You can see her amazing bed nook (that I am totally jealous of) here and her high-impact but super inexpensive large scale art here. But the light fixture that was in my old office, which became her new bedroom, did NOT go with her new color scheme. I needed a new pendant lamp shade. I really wanted a purple ombre lampshade and couldn’t find anything remotely like I wanted. So, I decided to make my own DIY lampshade exactly the way I wanted it! Read on to learn how to make your very own ombre lampshade (of course, it doesn’t have to be ombre)!

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DIY Lampshade Tutorial

Materials Needed:

• Plain pendant lampshade (I used an Ikea Nymo lampshade in 23 inch diameter)

• Paint (I used Amy Howard At Home’s One-Step Paint in Orchid–her paint works fabulously on fabrics)

• Wool felt sheets (I ordered six 8 x 12 sheets from this Etsy store)

• CraftBond Glue

• Masking tape or washi tape

• Cricut Maker cutting machine (or scissors and a circle template)–you can read my full review of the Cricut Maker and how friggin’ amazing it is in this post. And YES, it really can cut felt (plus a whole LOT of other things, like wood and thick leather).


1) Start by measuring your lampshade and determining the size that your circles need to be to fill the entire lampshade. If you want yours to look just like mine, are using the same lampshade and have a Cricut Maker cutting machine, you are in luck! You can download the SVG cut file to upload into the Cricut Design Space to make the exact same cuts that I did! You can grab it here.

DIY Lampshade – Ombre Style!

2) Cut out your felt circles. I cut out 24 of each color for a total of 6 rows. I used exactly 1 felt sheet of each color to cover the whole lampshade, without ANY felt to spare. To cut only 24 circles at a time, you will need to hide the rest of the circles before you click “Make It.” I used my Cricut fabric cutting mat and the amazing rotary blade (that makes cutting felt and other fabrics possible).

DIY Lampshade – Ombre Style!

3) While your felt circles are cutting, paint your lampshade. I recommend 2 coats to make sure you get really good coverage–you don’t want to see brushstrokes when then light is turned on and shines through it.

DIY Lampshade – Ombre Style!

DIY Lampshade – Ombre Style!

5) Attach your lampshade to your pendant light and you are DONE!

Isn’t it pretty?! Avery absolutely loves it and I’m so glad I was able to create a DIY lampshade that so perfectly fits into her new room. It was a fast and easy project! Cutting out all the felt circles with my Cricut Maker cutting machine took about 8 minutes–if you cut them by hand, obviously it would take longer, but it’s still a totally doable project!

Here’s a few more photos of the finished project!

DIY Lampshade – Ombre Style!

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