Go Eco-Friendly This Diwali – Here’s How

Go Eco-Friendly This Diwali – Here’s How

For most people, Diwali is one of their most favourite festivals. This period is all about spending time with loved ones and making the most of the festivities. But the best way of celebrating Diwali is by doing so responsibly. Adopting eco-friendly methods to make sure that the environment is not on the recieving end of our merrymaking is essential in the times we live in.

The first step towards this was the recent Supreme Court ban on the sale of firecrackers in Delhi-NCR ahead of Diwali. While firecrackers are harmful for the environment and one of the major contributors to air pollution, there are many other factors that need to be kept in mind while celebrating this festival of lights.

Here are ways to help you celebrate a Diwali, which is not just enjoyable for you, but easier on the environment as well.

Here are ways to help you celebrate a Diwali, which is not just enjoyable for you, but easier on the environment as well.E-crackers: If you are upset with the ban, and feel that your Diwali will be incomplete without the sound of a cracker, there is an easy alternative. E-crackers of different kinds are available in the markets. These are non-polluting and environment-friendly, as they run on electricity and produce the sound of a real cracker, but no smoke.

Earthenware Diyas: Plastic diyas are harmful for the environment, so it is better to use locally made earthen ones. These are bio-degradable, cost effective and beautiful to look at.

Shopping: Diwali is a time when consumerism increases manifold. People buy gifts and even items for themselves. While there is no harm in purchasing things you need, buying more than you need only leads to more wastage. As a result more waste is accumulated. Try recycling or avoid impulse purchase.

Lights: Diwali is the festival of lights. Hence, it comes as no surprise that homes and business entities are adorned with colourful lights during this period. While it looks pretty, it also consumes massive electricity. It is advisable to consume energy thoughtfully to avoid putting a strain on the enviorment.

Gifts: Green gifting has been gathering steam for quite some time now and what better occasion to indulge in it than Diwali. Plants, saplings and terrariums are thoughtful and make for great eco-conscious gifts. You can also gift jute and khadi products. You should avoid using plastic wrapping paper and instead try out recycled paper.

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