6 Things You Need to Know About Google Fiber

About Google Fiber

Google Fiber has slowly been spreading to U.S. cities, and its recent acquisition will bring it to five additional ones. Its goal is to reduce the cost and increase the availability of high-speed internet.

Fiber’s development, however, has been slow, … Read More

Apple vs. Android: Who Prints Better?

Leaving out screen size, display resolution and processing power – the typical smartphone comparison categories – much has happened in the less closely watched area of printing. This isn’t just from a consumer point of view. Printing has always been … Read More

Smart Lighting, Thermostats Appeal in Great Britain

Internet users in Great Britain are pragmatic when it comes to connected devices: Topping the list of appliances they’d like to replace with connected technology are lamps and lighting, as well as thermostats.

Deloitte’s May 2016 survey highlights that internet … Read More