The Best 5 Alternatives Group Videoconferencing

The Best 5 Alternatives Group Videoconferencing

Doing group videoconferences no longer has to be a headache. There are simple ways to make these calls. And in Gowlook we tell you what are the best applications for it

FaceTime is not the only application that allows instant and easy video communication. Although making video calls with more than two participants a while ago was complicated, today things have changed. You no longer need complicated software to carry out your mission. You just need to choose the right application.

If you want to make videoconferences quickly and easily, we have good news for you. There are a lot of applications that allow you to do it completely free and with a great quality of video. These are the best. is one of the sites that offers the simplest videoconferences you can imagine. It’s as easy as visiting the website and creating a chat room with the URL of your choice. Then you just have to share the link with your friends or colleagues, either through an email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or wherever you think convenient. Best of all, there is no need to download any software because it works from any browser.

This service allows up to eight participants in the videoconference. If you are the manager of the room, you can close it. This will cause the guests to “knock” when they enter the link. This way you can also know who is trying to join and deny entry if you think it is convenient. You can also share your screen with the rest of the participants and have chat conversations.


OoVoo has been on the stage of videoconferencing applications for some time. But now it has been renovated in an impressive way. It’s completely free and the service is available as an application for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and even for Windows Phone and Amazon Fire Phone. However, it is not available in the browser. Which means that ooVoo is more oriented towards those groups that actually use the application and not to hold occasional meetings like

This service allows you to make video calls with a high quality of video for up to 12 participants. It offers the option of recording video conferencing, you can chat through a chat and you can even watch YouTube videos together if you use the Windows application.


FreeConference is another powerful tool for making free video conferencing. In this service you will find functions more oriented to the professional and business world. Schedule meetings and send reminders automatically. But you can also start meetings instantly if you do not need prior notification.

As with, the screen can be shared. It also has moderator controls so participants can easily mute noisy participants. On the other hand, you can receive summaries of the meetings once they are finished. And you’ll be able to keep track of your meetings with mobile calling apps. With the free plan you can make up to 400 audio calls, with 10 users in the online meeting and 3 people who transmit video. In case you want to increase those numbers and add features like call recording, you will have to pay a plan.


This is another service focused on the business world. Voxeet is proud to have its own special technology called TrueVoice. With it it is possible to offer a much clearer and cleaner call quality. According to the company, thanks to this technology can offer a quality of the concert hall, without static words or drops, which is ideal for important calls. Guests can easily join calls from their browser.

On the other hand, thanks to the Ninja Time Zone tool it facilitates the scheduling of calls in multiple time zones. In addition, regular meetings can be scheduled for the same time each week. Another interesting feature is the Whisper Mode, which allows users to have a conversation with someone on their side during the main call.

Skype / Skype for Business Basic
No list of video conferencing applications would be complete without Skype. However, the main reason for this is nothing more than the fact that most people you know use this tool. Whether using applications for Android or iOS, Windows or Mac, or even in your browser, Skype allows you to connect easily through video calls. In this case you can also share the screen.